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Social interactions, subject matter addressed, safety at daycare centers, choosing a daycare center, staff behavior, and other issues related to daycare centers.

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What is the impact on kids of having two working parents?

Having grown up with a stay-at-home mom, I wonder what negative impact not having a SAH parent has on young children and elementary school children (who are in alternative care after school). Let's ...
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Does daycare mentally damage children under three?

An article in The Times and plagerized here suggests that it may do children permanent mental harm to be left in nursery (daycare) when under the age of three. Jonas Himmelstrand, a Swedish ...
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Is it reasonable/common for a daycare to show TV shows during the day?

My son is 18-months-old and he is in a daycare room with kids 16-months to 2.5 years. Most days when I pick him up they are watching TV. The shows range from somewhat educational (Dora, Sesame St.) ...
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How do you effectively disinfect a large amount of toys?

I work at a nursery and I have a hard time managing the toys that the kids play with. I watch them put things in their mouths, cough and sneeze on the toys, and throw everything on the ground. Even ...
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3 year old has a fit when arriving at daycare

My 36 month old boy will happily walk or ride on my bike to the creche (daycare), will lead me right up to the door of his room, as if he is looking forward to the day's activities. Then just as we ...
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Will getting child care from a non-native English speaker impact my child's language development?

My wife and I really like a neighborhood day care we recently checked out. The place seems very nice and the care providers seem to do a very good job. They are organized, appear to give a lot of ...
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Pros and cons of putting an infant in a Daycare

My kid (not born yet) has both parents working. I have the choice of calling up my father in law to stay at our house to watch the infant of 5 months and I also have the choice of sending the kid in ...
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How to handle a biting toddler in the crèche?

My daughter is in a child caring facility (a Montessori children's house, for what it's worth) in a crèche group of children from about 1 year to 3 years old. For some months now, one child from the ...
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How to help a 2-year-old settle in day care where a foreign language is spoken?

TL;DR Our son is starting daycare in a country where the language is (almost) completely alien to him. Can we do anything to help him settling in this new environment? (full story below) Original ...
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best age to start a daycare

If you had a choice to stay with your single baby at home as long as you want to, would you still send him to a daycare to communicate with other babies? What age is recommended for starting a daycare,...
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Typical frequency of discplinary issues for a 5-year-old?

My 5-year-old son just started kindergarten a week ago, and has already committed two infractions serious enough for the teacher to bring to our attention: once throwing a serious tantrum, and once ...
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Three year old gags when he tries new foods

I spend a lot of time caring for a three-year-old that is a pretty picky eater. However, the stuff he does eat is generally fairly healthy stuff. Lately he has started gagging on food he isn't sure ...
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Does too much or too little exposure to infection affect long-term immune health?

Every time our children spend time with a group of other kids, there's at least one with the sniffles or worse. It's tempting to shield them from such sources of infection, but (leaving aside the non-...
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How can I stop Cyber Bullying and prevent this in future for my child? [closed]

Actually I am afraid of using Facebook and other social networking sites as it fears me of Cyber bullying. Many tried to make my friends reputation down and by this I am also getting afraid of using ...
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