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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 1050
Age specific questions from about 1 year to about 3 years. Younger: infant. Older: pre-schooler.
× 658
Why do children act the way they do? Use [discipline] for questions about enforcing your rules.
× 604
Age specific questions from about 3 months to about 1 year of age. Younger: newborn. Older: toddler.
× 489
Age specific questions from about 3 years to about 5 years. Younger: toddler. Older: primary-schooler.
× 422
How and when children sleep. For questions on how to get them to sleep, see the [bedtime] tag.
× 400
How to enforce the rules you set, and consequences when those rules are broken. Use [behavior] for questions about why children act the way they do.
× 359
Age specific questions from about 5 years to about 8 years. Younger: pre-schooler. Older: middle-childhood.
× 302
Age specific questions from birth through about 3 months. Younger: pregnancy. Older: infant.
× 267
Age specific questions from about 13 years to about 19 years. Younger: pre-teen. Older: adult-child.
× 264
Children's physical and mental development. This tag usually is used along with a related tag clarifying the specific topic, such as health, learning, etc.
× 260
About the parents themselves, and not (only) about the children.
× 233
Children's physical health and well-being. See also the tag [hygiene] for matters of cleanliness. Questions about diagnosing or treating specific medical issues are not appropriate to this site, …
× 223
Everything directly related to the process of learning; both formal and informal education.
× 162
Keeping children safe from any kind of danger.
× 155
The child's performance at school, how school rules/situations/other issues may affect the child, etc.
× 150
Food in solid or liquid form, specifically in relation to children. See also the tag [eating] about manners and motivation.
× 139
too young (or too old) for a particular idea/food/activity/etc.
× 138
Learning to talk in the first place, and learning to speak properly. See also the tags [language] for general language issues and [bilingual] for issues involving more than one langauge.
× 138
Breastfeeding, breast milk, lactation, the infant's needs, the mother's needs, pumping, storing/freezing, effects on immune system, and more. See also the tags [feeding] and [eating].
× 136
The transition from diapers to the potty. See also the tag [toilet-training] for the transition from the potty to the toilet.
× 129
This refers to relationships between a child or group of children and other children, their siblings, or their parents. This could also refer to a relationship between parents in regards to the rearin…
× 123
Motivation and disorders; eating habits; table manners; etc. See also the tags [food] and [feeding].
× 120
Age specific questions from about 11 years to about 13 years. Also known as "tweens". Younger: middle-childhood. Older: teen.
× 118
The process of expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings and values so as to be understood by others
× 117
Many people have questions about what amount of crying is normal, what is excessive, how to influence the frequency, or how to respond to a crying child.
× 112
How children learn how to interact with others, and techniques to help in that learning process.
× 108
Regarding issues that arise during pregnancy (medical, legal, planning). See also the tag [maternity] for specifics regarding maternity-wear.
× 106
Teaching methods, motivations, resources, etc. Also see Education, Learning, and Development for related concepts.
× 99
Age specific questions from about 17 years and up. Younger: teen.
× 94
Getting kids ready for bed, and making them stay there. See the "sleep" tag for questions on issues while they're asleep.
× 94
A very young human, from birth until a few years old. Consider a more age-specific tag instead.
× 91
Siblings describe any two or more family members with a common parent or are adopted by and live under the guardianship of the same parent.
× 87
Similar to the tags [eating] and [food] but focused on infants that don't eat on their own yet.
× 87
The psychological process by which children gain and retain knowledge. For questions on how to teach, please see the "Teaching" tag. For more general questions on providing information and instructi…
× 79
Traveling with children, e.g. situations and concerns about airports and airplanes, road trips and cars, trains, etc.
× 79
Age specific questions from about 8 years to about 11 years. Younger: primary-schooler. Older: pre-teen.