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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Age specific questions from about 1 year to about 3 years. Younger: infant. Older: pre-schooler.
Age specific questions from about 3 months to about 1 year of age. Younger: newborn. Older: toddler.
784 questions
Age specific questions from about 3 years to about 5 years. Younger: toddler. Older: primary-schooler.
759 questions
Why do children act the way they do? Use [discipline] for questions about enforcing your rules.
717 questions
How to enforce the rules you set, and consequences when those rules are broken. Use [behavior] for questions about why children act the way they do.
608 questions
Age specific questions from about 5 years to about 8 years. Younger: pre-schooler. Older: middle-childhood.
556 questions
How and when children sleep. For questions on how to get them to sleep, see the [bedtime] tag.
508 questions
Age specific questions from birth through about 3 months. Younger: pregnancy. Older: infant.
387 questions
Age specific questions from about 13 years to about 19 years. Younger: pre-teen. Older: adult-child.
377 questions
About the parents themselves, and not (only) about the children.
377 questions
Children's physical and mental development. This tag usually is used along with a related tag clarifying the specific topic, such as health, learning, etc.
349 questions
Children's physical health and well-being. See also the tag [hygiene] for matters of cleanliness. Questions about diagnosing or treating specific medical issues are not appropriate to this site, …
282 questions
Keeping children safe from any kind of danger.
265 questions
Everything directly related to the process of learning; both formal and informal education.
259 questions
The process of expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings and values so as to be understood by others
242 questions
The child's performance at school, how school rules, situations and other issues may affect the child, etc.
228 questions
The transition from diapers to the potty. See also the tag [toilet-training] for the transition from the potty to the toilet.
198 questions
Determining whether a child is too young (or too old) for a particular idea, food, activity, etc.
190 questions
Breastfeeding, breast milk, lactation, the infant's needs, the mother's needs, pumping, storing/freezing, effects on immune system, and more. See also the tags [feeding] and [eating].
178 questions
Age specific questions from about 8 years to about 11 years. Younger: primary-schooler. Older: pre-teen.
178 questions
Food in solid or liquid form, specifically in relation to children. See also the tag [eating] about manners and motivation.
177 questions
Learning to talk in the first place, and learning to speak properly. See also the tags [language] for general language issues and [bilingual] for issues involving more than one langauge.
174 questions
Teaching methods, motivations, resources, etc. Also see Education, Learning, and Development for related concepts.
170 questions
Age specific questions from about 11 years to about 13 years. Also known as "tweens". Younger: middle-childhood. Older: teen.
168 questions
This refers to relationships between a child or group of children and other children, their siblings, or their parents. This could also refer to a relationship between parents in regards to the rearin…
164 questions
Many people have questions about what amount of crying is normal, what is excessive, how to influence the frequency, or how to respond to a crying child.
158 questions
Motivation and disorders; eating habits; table manners; etc. See also the tags [food] and [feeding].
157 questions
How children learn how to interact with others, and techniques to help in that learning process.
153 questions
Getting kids ready for bed, and making them stay there. See the "sleep" tag for questions on issues while they're asleep.
146 questions
Siblings describe any two or more family members with a common parent or are adopted by and live under the guardianship of the same parent.
143 questions
Age specific questions from about 17 years and up. Younger: teen.
123 questions
Social interactions, subject matter addressed, safety at daycare centers, choosing a daycare center, staff behavior, and other issues related to daycare centers.
120 questions
Tantrums are emotional outbursts beyond simple crying, found commonly in stressed persons but mostly small children. In parenting, tantrums may relate mostly to toddlers but also apply to other age gr…
117 questions
When and how to assist your children with proper sleep habits.
115 questions
Regarding issues that arise during pregnancy (medical, legal, planning). See also the tag [maternity] for specifics regarding maternity-wear.
112 questions
Similar to the tags [eating] and [food] but focused on infants that don't eat on their own yet.
103 questions
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