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I am 21 and I am terrified beyond belief of my father
19 votes

Sounds scary. I would advise you to join the army. The army in Egypt has a two year term of service which will go by in no time - as a woman, administrative and medical jobs are the only available ...

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My 12-month-old baby wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning. What should I do?
2 votes

Infants need to be fed relatively frequently, ideally every 4-6 hours, which unfortunately is a shorter duration than the average adult's total sleep. You need to work a feeding into the middle of ...

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I want my son to tuck in his school uniform shirt, but he does not want to. What can I do to get him to always tuck it in?
1 votes

The problem is not a lack of discipline, since we are dealing with a stylistic/fashion issue. The problem is the slovenly nature of the society in which your son exists. Obviously, if all of his peers ...

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Is the "cry it out" approach harmful?
1 votes

Short answer: if the child has a genuine need, crying should never be ignored. If the child is crying willfully or for a selfish reason, it should be ignored. Longer answer: Sometimes a child will ...

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How do you raise an intelligent and happy daughter in a sexist world?
1 votes

Trying to hyper control a child will not have a good outcome. Children learn by example. Whatever example you set, the child will emulate. Often the quality of a child is linked to the mother's ...

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My son cries for 30-45 minutes when told "No"
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It is a natural thing for babies and young children to cry. Sometimes a child will cry when it has a genuine problem or need, like being hungry or soiled. If you anticipate these needs by feeding on ...

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One Year Old Son, Cries with Mum but not me (Dad). Is it Separation Anxiety?
-1 votes

Whenever there are complex crying situations where the child is crying for one person or not another or exhibiting other complex behaviors, inevitably what that means is that you are paying him too ...

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Do most 2-3-year-old toddlers deliberately disobey?
-2 votes

A child will often test the boundaries of your authority or attempt to manipulate you in various ways. The way to prevent this is to set concrete boundaries between the child being able to do as it ...

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Unusual crying behavior
-2 votes

The discomfort could be caused by gas. Gas can result from improper digestion. This can be due to a congenital lack of a particular enzyme or from other causes, such a failure to produce sufficient ...

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At which age does it make sense to see a professional when suspecting Asperger?
-4 votes

Pay no attention to the psychobabble about such things. Everyone has a different way of thinking and the proper thing to do is to adapt to whatever the child is capable of. The mind has two basic ...

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How can I stop my 5-year-old's violent tantrums?
-5 votes

It is the attention you are giving your child that creates problems like this. What if you had 10 children? Would you be focusing so much about some random tantrum? He is only doing it because you are ...

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