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Seventeen year old daughter wants to take an international trip to meet someone she met online
21 votes

As someone who did one of those trips twenty years ago, there are some red flags here, but maybe not the ones you're thinking of. And most of them can be solved much more easily now that there's ...

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How can I get my 12-year old physically active or into sports when he's never been?
18 votes

Speaking as a former teen-aged geek, here's a few things that have worked for (and on me - thanks Mom and Dad! :) ) Organized sports are kinda hit-and-miss for a geek (esp. if it's not their interest)...

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Condoms in a care package: Parents advice
14 votes

If the goal is to prevent embarrassment, change the target of the embarrassment to yourself. Put the condoms in an envelope marked "extra strong balloons". Then, it changes from "OMG my church sent ...

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What should be encouraged? Indoor games or Outdoor?
3 votes

Whatever she wants to do. Seriously - get her outside, and ask her. She can do whatever she wants, so long as it's outside. (And if she wants you to play with her, you should make the time - she'll ...

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