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How should I respond to a child asking to have as much spending money as her friends do?
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Depending on their age, you may be able to use this to teach them about finances. Not everyone is paid the same. Not everyone has the same expenses. Also, you might give them an opportunity to earn ...

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How do you remove stains from cloth diapers?
4 votes

Sunning the diapers is certainly the best (and most natural) method, but that does assume that you will have decent enough weather. When the weather doesn't allow for sunning, we add a small amount ...

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Are modern cloth diapers really cost efficient compared to disposible diapers?
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We cloth diaper almost solely for the cost benefits. We calculated that given our needs, we would break even in about 3 months. We do not however use bumGenius or gdiapers. There are many other ...

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