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How can I safely keep a pacifier in a 2-month-old's mouth?
8 votes

I think you'll just have to put it back in once he or she complains. It shouldn't be that hard since you're never far from a 2 mo. old anyway, right?

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Are cloth diapers really supposed to fit a newborn?
2 votes

We had the same thing, probably because they are that size for just a short time. They never fit like a tailored suit, they just need to "catch stuff".

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How can I prevent my 8-year-old from spending time with his bad friend?
0 votes

We're pretty much on the same page as you. We don't have TV or video games. I have a 6 year old boy. However, I don't mind that he play war games or pretend fight (we do that together and have a lot ...

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