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When pumping breast milk, can I reuse the bottle after feeding without sterilizing?
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See WebMD: In the old days when water supplies were not reliably clean, it made sense to sterilize baby bottles. But now, sterilizing bottles, nipples, and water is mostly unnecessary. ...

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How to manage to get more time for ourselves when we have Kids?
1 votes

The problems you describe are pretty normal for couples who have children. Brace yourself -- they get worse as you get more of them. It's a new lifestyle which you sooner or later will be accustomed ...

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Minimize time to pack child's things
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The problem with a standard bag is that all items end up in a muddle and you have to dig deep to verify that something is in it. If you have many small items (such as medicines), this is really a pain....

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How can I find time to relax during my maternity leave?
7 votes

Don't expect to have much, if any time for activities other than caring for your baby. Taking care of an infant is normally very time-consuming, and should be prioritized before hobbies. One thing ...

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Is it appropriate for parents to cry in front of their children?
5 votes

I have not found any research on this. However, Mary Beth Sammons has published guidelines for this, a boiled down version of a Circle of Moms online discussion. I don't think it is conclusive or ...

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