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My daughter just turned 13 and confides in me she wants to be a boy

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15 year old daughter has a crush on a girl

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Should I allow my children's father to see his kids?

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My 12-year old daughter all of a sudden says she's trans

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Im scared of my dads yelling at me for little things

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As a parent, what do I need to do when my adult child leaves home?

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how to let child know parent unable to attend to them at moment without making them feel ignored?

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Is my Estranged Daughter just messing with me or is she really gender confused?

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Is there a downside to gender neutral upbringing?

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22m old suddenly sleeping poorly

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My Mom Doesn't Allow Any Screen Time At All!

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To what extent should an (almost) two year old be able to lie still on command?

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How do I convince my strict parents to allow me to do things as a 17 year old?

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How do I start teaching my 14 Month daughter to fight back.?

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What do I say to 10 yr old daughter says she's a lesbian