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Does my Daughter have to go back to mothers?

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Is it common that 2 to 3 year old children use articles and plurals incorrectly?

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How to ask a child what's wrong, without suggesting things to worry about?

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15 year old daughter has a crush on a girl

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My 10 year old daughter watches Youtube shorts all day - what can I do about this?

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What to do about my 11 year old daughter dating a boy she's never met when I don't want her to?

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What should I call my 10 year old son in terms of "manhood education"?

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What should I do about this gym class?

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How to respond to my 11 year old daughter telling me she is not sure if she likes boys or girls

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How to tell to my 4 years daughter that she should not to be scared of a specific person?

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Should we raise our child as trilingual or quadrilingual?

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Are endurance bike rides suitable for preteens and teens?

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My 12yo. daughter told me she's gay, but not my wife. What should I do?

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Feel like I’m failing my 11 year old daughter

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Pre-teen refuses to talk about day, activities etc. How to encouage her to share?

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How to protect my children from abusive mother?

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Should I tell my ex that he has a 3 year old son

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Push kid for more screen time?

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What age to introduce video games?

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Does 3 year old miss mother who left 20 months ago from his lfe

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How to explain to 4 yrs old hand washing is important?

-2 votes

How Do I Stop My Two Kids from Fighting?