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Maika Sakuranomiya

On Music SE, User45266 was like:

This user was suspended for a full year - the maximum duration.

On Politics SE, F1Krazy was like:

And was then suspended from MusicFans.SE for posting a question they knew was off-topic, but they couldn't ask it on Music.SE due to a ban.

On Meta SE, JJ for Transparency and Monica was like:

"You won't be suspended." and within the hour This account is temporarily suspended to cool down. The suspension period ends on Dec 27 at 4:20.

Then... User45266 had to say this:

JJ for Transparency and Monica, you've just witnessed the rare "triple threat suspension": Being suspended on three separate SEs simultaneously for three separate amounts of time (week, month, year). They lost much of my sympathy even before that, but just pointing out the troubling behavior.

To the mods on Music Fans, Meta, and Music SE, I am going to make a strict, honest apology effort here.

  • (Music Fans) I very apologize to you guys for making low quality contributions this whole time. Posting types of posts that you guys told me not to post, such as off-topic questions, answers on off-topic questions, irrelavent comments, then challenging every closure and/or deletion on the meta. There were other issues as well, such as accelerating reviews when not needed, making trivial edits for extra rep/votes/badges with weird edit reasons, trying to act kawaii via mod flags, fake-accusing you guys for having sockpuppets, etc. Even bringing up issues involving other SE sites is also taken very seriously.

  • (Meta) I am very sorry to the mods. I have been abusing with mod flags, swearing, and even blamed it on a fictional character and called it a "creepy trap". Flag abuse and disruptive behavior is taken quite seriously on this site, no matter what. I will also try my best to remember that "creepy trap" is a seriously offensive term, especially to transgender people.

  • (Music) I had a troubling pattern of behavior there, too. I was doing what is known as sockpuppetry, including sockpuppet upvoting & anonymous editing, which is taken very seriously here. Not only that, I still had some other issues like plagiarism, low quality contributions, attepts to evade blocks/bans, trivial edits for extra rep, etc. I will kep in mind that these are also not allowed here, and I promise I will not do any unacceptable actions from now on.

I was extremely torn up about the "triple threat" ban, but constantly making attepts to get out of it without thinking thoroughly had made a lot of things worse AND even was making my ban worse. So far, the outrage of the community has been going on crazy all over the SE network because of my ban.

So I am making a big, strict, honest, solemn, full, best apology effort here. I would like you guys to lift my suspension as soon as possible so everything can be back to normal again. I really want to show my best behavior.

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