Moderators on Music Fans, Meta, and Music SE froze my heart recently with a terrible, icy ban known as the "triple threat" suspension.

A "triple threat" suspension occurs when three simultaneous suspensions on different profiles of the same user occur in different lengths each - week (7 days), month (30 days), year (365 days). However, while it was 7/30/365 when I first received it, it has been worsened and it became danger/365/365.

Here's the current status of my ban: (it has become worse)

  • The 7-day suspension that I received on Music Fans SE for persistent off-topic posts has now expired, but I am (still) in the utmost, extreme danger of receiving another suspension there.

  • I have received a 365-day suspension on Meta SE for saying bad words, and it is still in effect.

  • I have received a 365-day suspension on Music SE for severe editing abuse, and it is still in effect.

Only an act of true love (ex. a true love's suspension lifting) can thaw a frozen heart. I am now feeling very weak and cold - my hair is turning white and my skin is becoming ice-cold. However, the mods would only say:

"Your suspension will not be lifted early."

It must be lifted early, or else, my entire body will freeze, and I will turn into solid ice forever.

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