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How to answer my 4-year-old asking where she was when I was small and how she got in my tummy?
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I think that there are two problems here. The first problem are the details of human reproduction: that can be solved by telling the truth or by telling an appropriate tale - my choice was telling ...

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What is the day to day life like as a father?
4 votes

Every child is different, as Matthew said, but as a rough approximation expect that raising children is a full time (24 hours a day) job for years or decades. Caring for a child is great, but trying ...

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Can I "read" from English books to my infant, but use words from my native language?
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I used to read a lot to my daughters. However, when they were very young, "reading" just meant showing them the images while saying something related and interesting. It's simple for you if you can ...

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