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Why do I have negative feelings about my mother?
47 votes

I don't think you hate your Mother as strongly as you think you do. We always get angry with those that are near us. It seems to be the easiest way to vent. I remember being 16 and the reason why is ...

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What would you do if you are pretty sure your son is heading towards a disastrous marriage?
25 votes

What would you do if you were in the parents' shoes? As a parent myself with a young child I can't actually provide any solid thoughts on what I would in this exact situation do but based on my ...

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My 2 month old baby keeps looking into light
Accepted answer
25 votes

My 5 month old does this. This is perfectly normal for a new-born. When he was around 2 months old this happened a lot but as he has got older it doesn't seem happen so much unless it's new. Remember ...

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Our 3½ yo girl is frustrated by not being able to colour within the lines
24 votes

..but she doesn't want to train because she isn't good enough. Gah, child logic is hard. That's the logic in a lot of people unfortunately. What I will say is fair play to the girl for wanting to do ...

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Should the father be in the picture?
9 votes

It is obviously much better for a child to have two loving parents but as a child to a single Mother of two I can also say that I did just fine without a Father figure. We both did. The fact that he ...

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Should I babysit my step granddaughter?
8 votes

Honestly, I think you should do all you can to babysit regardless of what they call you. You yourself can prove that you are more than a babysitter and to children they don't care about names, they ...

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How to properly discipline a toddler?
5 votes

This is very typical behaviour of a toddler. Giving yourself more time would help massively. I allow for my child to start kicking up a fuss and always have done. I prepare everything the night ...

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My child wants GTA V for his birthday
4 votes

I've played this game and it is definitely not age appropriate. The whole game is based on being a criminal and committing crimes in exchange for money. As an adult you can understand that what you ...

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Is it ok if a newborn sleeps on his side?
1 votes

We are quite lucky with our newborn. Put him on his back and he stays there...for now. We did originally swaddle but found that he actually didn't like it so what we found were sleeping bags. Here is ...

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Should adults pay rent if they live in their parents' home?
0 votes

I would have to say that once the child is out of full time education and has a paid job they should contribute to the household but it should be fair. I myself lived with my Mother till I was ...

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