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What are the biggest expenses for a new baby?
1 votes

Child care is by far the largest expense for us. We live in a major metropolitan area and it costs ~1350 per month for full time child care in a montessori center. We use cloth diapers exclusively, ...

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Why won't our infant stop crying when in the car seat?
7 votes

Do you have a mirror in your car - the type that attaches to the headrest to let you see the baby? When I removed the mirror, my son was much better about crying in the car seat. The mirror does ...

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Are modern cloth diapers really cost efficient compared to disposible diapers?
3 votes

Yes they are much cheaper, my total investment to date is $315, and my son is 14 months old. Prefolds are $1 per diaper in bulk, and I have around 60 of them, and then I bought Thirsties Duo covers ...

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