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Can putting a one year old baby in a playschool for around 7 hours, daily, cause any psychological issues to the baby?
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Having worked in a nursery for several years, I can say that it is very common for parents to have their child or children come "full-time"- that is 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sometimes from as ...

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3.5yr old pre-schooler cannot deal with frustration
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Our son is 3½ now too, and this behaviour is all-too-familiar for us too- I have every sympathy. It sounds like you're currently trying to sit-out the tantrums- I can totally understand why that is ...

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What are the features that I should look for in a good preschool?
2 votes

I have been involved with the running of our family nursery for many years. In my experience the following are the things that really matter in a nursery: Being friendly and welcoming to children and ...

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