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How can I help my parents?
1 votes

As you mentioned there are several issues in your parents relationship. Ill state some: Different kinds of personality and hobbies. he has not a lots of friends. (maybe your mother does have friend ...

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Why do I have negative feelings about my mother?
11 votes

You clearly need a psychotherapist help. There are many reasons why you hate your mother and no one can give you clear answer, but the divorce made impact on you, maybe you hate the fact that your ...

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My 16 year old son says he is depressed
3 votes

my ex father in law took him to the Dr today and they wont help my son , thats nearly impossible a psychiatrist doesn't help someone especially if he has depression symptoms. Maybe the doctor is not a ...

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How can I prevent my parents' divorce?
0 votes

Divorce is something hard, as a teen you get affected a lot from that, the attention and the care you seek is not available all the time. Because you parents are already busy with there problems. Your ...

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