Ethan Furman
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Python Core Developer and principle author of:

  • PEP 409 -- raise ... from None to suppress exception chaining
  • PEP 435 -- Enum (and the implementation)
  • PEP 461 -- %-interpolation for bytes

Author of the best pure-python dbf library*!

Other possibly interesting packages (all are Python2/3 compatible, as is dbf):

  • aenum -- an Advanced Enumeration library that builds on the stdlib Enum

  • antipathy -- a file path class that is derived from str/unicode, so can be seamlessly passed to other functions that expect a str/unicode object, while still allowing you to use more intuitive actions

  • pandaemonium -- a daemon framework with good debugging support and a built-in lockfile implementation

  • scription -- a library to aid writing command line scripts: includes support for separate arguments per sub-command, basic interaction with the user, executing sub-programs, being run SUID, etc

  • xaml -- based on the same idea as haml, only for Python (still in its infancy)

*I'm biased, of course.

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