I have studied biological science and psychology at the graduate level and raised two gifted sons. The eldest, who was quite difficult (bored) and resisted traditional carrot-stick discipline, was guided by excellent counseling into tutoring classmates with learning disabilities and plans to teach special needs children. My youngest's claim to fame, so far, was the team of scientists who came to his school to review his theory on expansion of the universe, which resulted in changes in the next edition of their Astronomy textbook.

It has been a bumpy ride at times. Any single working parent out there who has truly done it alone without support from the ex/other parent of the child/ren knows just how hard it can be; not that I'm sure having a spouse, for either gender, is all that much help in some cases either. +wink+

They weren't perfect kids and I wasn't a perfect parent, but I hope what I've learned through education and by the seat of my pants I can pass on to others so they and their children can bypass some of the roadblocks in an often difficult to navigate process.

As my sons continue to mature we are still very close, and they are both far more socially active now. For fun, the three of us enjoy fantasy fiction, online gaming (I am a HUGE advocate!) and ...well, the usual, including travel (when we're able) to warm places during the long, long winters where we live. Our dream is to go on a storm chasing vacation someday.

I'm an only marginally mature (at times) and pretty laid back person in my personal life. Kids really do keep you young...even if it seems at times that they are set on sucking every bit of energy out of you.

I can usually see all sides of most issues with a good bit of humor, though like most people I have hot-button issues too.

I really do hope I can help people while I'm here!

I am also an Army Veteran.

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