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38 votes

How to encourage my 7 year old to move on from her preschool friend?

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How to teach a 3yo to endure during hikes?

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How can I make noisy toys quieter?

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I am 21 and I am terrified beyond belief of my father

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Is it good or bad to correct a child's spelling online?

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What are the good approaches to gamify for kids of elementary school age?

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What is a good physical activity for a seven-year old who loves falling down?

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My 2.5 years old daughter asks to learn to read

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How do you explain to a five year-old what energy is?

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Why do some parents have a favorite (or least favorite) child? How can this be avoided?

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How to communicate with tiger parents?

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What are the downsides of "I don't listen to things said in language X today" response used as a tactic for forcing a second language?

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How long should my newborn baby be in a car seat

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How should I handle a little boy who likes girls' toys?

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What do I do about my mom setting her expectations too high?