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Should I cut my child's dad out of his life?
33 votes

My unpopular opinion is it's not your call to make. Your child is definitely old enough to know if he wants to see his father or not. If he's not in any actual danger, I think a parent has every right ...

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How to help an 8 year old with short attention span and obsessive character?
4 votes

Though I understand your frustration, you're asking to reprogram your eight year old. She will put her attention where she wants and you can't change that. I would also turn my attention to her tv ...

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What to do about my 20-month-old daughter not sleeping through the night?
2 votes

First off, exhale. It's a little known fact that we actually are supposed to wake up during the evening. It's only in the last 100 years that we force ourselves to sleep through the night, pre-...

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What activities stimulate the same areas of the brain as jigsaw puzzles?
Accepted answer
2 votes

All parts. There are number of reactions that happen in the brain when solving puzzles. We are talking about shape recognition, color recognition, object orientation, memory from past experiences. If ...

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