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What can I as a teenager do about my insanely strict parents?
13 votes

It sounds like you're an only child, and your parents are very concerned for your welfare. There are negligent parents out there, who don't give a sh*t about their children and think only of ...

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How to help my 10-year-old daughter who is upset because her dad is not in her life?
6 votes

My gut instinct. There's something going on. Your daughter has a problem, which she feels only a "real" dad would solve. It's strange that after four years of not seeing her biological father, she ...

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Assertiveness for 6-year-olds
5 votes

It sounds as if your family members rarely raise their voices, have fierce arguments or hurl insults at each other. All of which makes for a great healthy family environment but also means your ...

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What do I tell my child about her Learning Disability?
Accepted answer
4 votes

If I am allowed to butt in, I'd like to share my personal experience with teaching very young Italian children English. For seven years I taught English at two Kindergartens (BrEng Nursery schools) ...

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