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Why do kids pick up on violence in cartoons/movies?
15 votes

Violence and play fighting is an innate aspect of human behaviour. You can observe animals play fighting as well. Domestically, you can observe cats and dogs play fight, more commonly as juveniles....

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My 9 year old son regards life as meaningless
6 votes

Congratulations - your son has discovered nihilism at the age of nine. My question is - how would you react if an adult you knew and cared about made such a speech? Personally I'd find it an ...

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Teenage son talks to self
4 votes

Talking to yourself is normal. It's called intrapersonal communication. Studies suggest that people talk to themselves perform better on some tasks. For example one study found that people were able ...

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I want to dropout of HS yet my dad is mad at my decision
2 votes

I want to offer an alternative to the 'going to college is the right choice' argument that you're getting from your father and from others here. I think the idea that you have to go to college/...

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How can I encourage my son (age 8) to stop sucking his thumb?
1 votes

From my experience sucking my thumb till about age nine. For the record - I wanted to stop sucking my thumb because I found it embarrassing, so certainly an aspect to stopping thumb sucking was a ...

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