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30 votes

An incident happened at school and child didn't (want to) tell the parent

26 votes

Should we circumcise our son?

22 votes

Should I encourage/persuade my 3 year old to watch kids TV shows that she finds scary or upsetting?

18 votes

Will getting child care from a non-native English speaker impact my child's language development?

8 votes

Anything wrong with eggs and bacon every day for my kids' breakfast?

8 votes

How can we discipline a strong-willed, misbehaving 5 year-old?

5 votes

How to help a bullied child (without involving parents or teachers)

3 votes

If my 5yr old is an exceptional liar, should I expect that she will continue lying as she gets older?

2 votes

How can we manage our adult son taking back an item we confiscated, without our knowledge, when he has moved out?

2 votes

Is it normal for a child just turned 3 to be able to read and how do I develop and nurture his intelligence?

2 votes

What is the best way to potty train a little boy?

2 votes

How to deal with an 18-month-old toddler pretending to not understand what we say to him?

1 vote

How do you teach a child religious views?

0 votes

How can I toilet train my reluctant pre-schooler?

0 votes

How to get a child to stop pretending to choke on foods he doesn't want to eat?