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How to stop my 8 year old son from doubting and/or speaking against the existence of God?
17 votes

Explain it to him as it is, in such abusive environment where they rip the childhood out of the children you have no choice but to be honest as the damage has already been done. You should explain ...

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How to prevent infants from rolling out of bed?
5 votes

We had the same issue with our daughter and we had to improvise. The Bedrail is designed to use with a bed however it works perfectly with a mattress only. It's a stretchy net so even if the baby ...

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As a father, how to improve my relationship with our 2-month-old baby?
4 votes

I can only give you an advice based on experience: The baby at such young age doesn't recognize you or anybody else. He only recognize his mom from her voice, smell and touch. Maybe your voice isn't ...

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Who is lying about throwing away a slice of pizza?
-2 votes

I am not sure if the following is a good idea but I have tried it in the past: declare martial law and have them both grounded, the one who will take it easily is the guilty one. The innocent one will ...

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