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When a caregiver causes injury, death or emotional harm to a child. Includes emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse. See also: [violence], [bullying].
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For questions that pertain to activities we do with our children, or that our children do.
77 questions
for questions related to either child or parental addiction of any sort (e.g. smoking, drugs, video games).
21 questions
ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. People with ADD and ADHD struggle to maintain focus on certain tasks as they have a more difficult time "tuning out" extra stimuli. The…
52 questions
2 questions
Questions about parenting adopted children and about becoming an adoptive parent
27 questions
Age specific questions from about 17 years and up. Younger: teen.
118 questions
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Determining whether a child is too young (or too old) for a particular idea, food, activity, etc.
189 questions
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For questions about alcohol, e. g. dealing with actual or suspected alcohol consumption, the effects of alcohol consumption, when and how to teach children about alcohol. Use [drinking] for questions …
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Questions relating to allergies, that are not diagnosing or treating a specific individual. For questions about the diagnosis or treatment of a specific individual, please call your doctor.
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36 questions
For questions about the congenital oral condition ankyloglossia, also known as tongue-tie, which causes an unusually short or thick lingual frenulum and may impair tongue mobility
4 questions
Coping with anxiety as a parent or non-medical questions on helping a child with their anxiety.
61 questions
13 questions
Arts and crafts is about creative activities that involve a variety of artistic media. These questions are about how to prepare for such activities, how to teach the related skills, what types of mate…
18 questions
Asperger is a former name for some autism spectrum disorders. The medical profession avoids it but it still widely used.
3 questions
A disease affecting the intake of oxygen through the lungs.
7 questions
Questions relating to a child's ability to maintain attention Or the attention seeking behaviors. The challenges of increasing children's focus and attention span. Many problems derive from attentio…
32 questions
Questions about the autism spectrum disorders, for example Aspberger's Syndrome or autism. Applicable both for questions about parenting children with autism spectrum disorders, and also parenting wit…
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Baby food is any soft, easily consumed food, other than breastmilk or infant formula, that is made specifically for infants, roughly between the ages of six months and two years.
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8 questions
For all questions concerning babysitting, both from the parents' or the babysitter's perspective. For example, how to choose a trustworthy babysitter, how much to pay, or how to deal with children as …
39 questions
For questions about bathing in water for personal hygiene, like when, how and how often to bathe children, how to keep them safe or bathe them when they don't want to, preparing children for bathing o…
38 questions
Issues concerning the bedroom as a room: both the parents' and the child's (bed)room. See also the tags [sleep] and [bedtime].
35 questions
Parents and their children sleeping in the same bed.
10 questions
Getting kids ready for bed, and making them stay there. See the "sleep" tag for questions on issues while they're asleep.
144 questions
Why do children act the way they do? Use [discipline] for questions about enforcing your rules.
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