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Questions relating to speech. Appropriate topics include learning to speak, speech disabilities, and improving specific speech skills. As with other health-related topics, questions relating to …
88 questions
Traveling with children, e.g. situations and concerns about airports and airplanes, road trips and cars, trains, etc.
86 questions
Habits or opinions that cause disagreement, and how to resolve those differences.
85 questions
Learning or speaking more than one (native) language. See also the tags [language] and [language-development].
85 questions
For all questions pertaining to violence with either the child being violent, being subject to violence or witnessing violence. Use the specific tag like [hitting] or [biting] if the question is solel…
84 questions
Questions regarding analyzing, preventing, or helping a child cope with fearful things in their life.
84 questions
Emotional quality that a person experiences. Enhanced emotional well-being is associated with feeling good, judging life positively, and being low on [anxiety], [depression], [fears], [anger], etc.
84 questions
Questions relating specifically to reading, including learning how to read, problems with reading, and establishing behavior related to reading. Please note that recommendations for specific reading …
78 questions
Questions related to infant, toddler, young children, pre-teen, and teen toys.
76 questions
Questions about feeding infants and young toddlers formula or stored breast milk from a bottle. Also consider Breastfeeding for questions related to breast milk, or formula for questions related to f…
74 questions
Questions regarding the relationship dynamics between a step-parent and a child.
73 questions
For questions that pertain to activities we do with our children, or that our children do.
73 questions
Use of language in general, and about learning foreign languages. See also the tags [language-development] and [bilingual].
70 questions
The psychological process by which children gain and retain knowledge. For questions on how to teach, please see the "Teaching" tag. For more general questions on providing information and instructi…
68 questions
Family finance, and how children learn to handle money.
67 questions
Questions related to the role of grandparents in a child's development.
67 questions
Related to screen time and potentially applicable to more than one device type. More general than such topics or tags as [video-games], [media], TV, television, [computer], tablet, iPad, smartphone, […
65 questions
Questions related to impact of divorcing parents on their child(ren).
63 questions
Situations around the altar of the modern home.
62 questions
Questions regarding a household where there is only one parent present, regardless of the circumstance of the other parent's absence.
62 questions
Questions related to a child's friends, including making friends, maintaining relationships, disagreements with friends, etc.
60 questions
For questions expecting answers to be based on studies or other scientific evidence. Use tag [science] when you ask about how to teach scientific concepts or get children interested in science.
60 questions
Issues of personal cleanliness such as showering/bathing, brushing teeth, finger/toe-nail maintenance, shaving, etc.
59 questions
Questions regarding a child's use of video games may cover determining suitability, setting and enforcing limits, or other questions relating to what role video games play in a child's life.
58 questions
Helping your child deal with being bullied or dealing with your child who is exhibiting bullying behavior.
57 questions
Moving apart (usually temporary) between the child and their caretaker. See also: [bonding], [attachment]
55 questions
For all questions about children and clothes, e. g. which clothes are appropriate, how to make a child wear them, how to dress a child, what children do with their clothes (e. g. how they treat them, …
55 questions
For all questions pertaining to motivation, like motivating children to do something (e. g. chores, homework, learning) or dealing with a child's lack of motivation.
55 questions
Coping with anxiety as a parent or non-medical questions on helping a child with their anxiety.
54 questions
A household where one or both parents earn money through a professional job, either working out of the house or home. Questions should be about balancing work life and home life.
54 questions
Co-parenting describes a parenting relationship, where the parents are not in a marriage, living together, or in a romantic relationship with one another.
52 questions
Questions about being a father or one's father specifically, as opposed to a parent, where the gender of the parent is specifically relevant.
51 questions
When a caregiver causes injury, death or emotional harm to a child. Includes emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse. See also: [violence], [bullying].
50 questions
Established practice, in particular if it is hard to stop. For questions about a sequence of actions repeated from day to day, see [daily-routine].
50 questions
How children think, explore and understand the world around them. Includes acquisition of skills and knowledge. Cognitive development includes brain development. Tag [development] includes physical an…
48 questions
For family extending the nuclear family and not covered by [grandparents] or [step-parents]. Can, for example, be used for nieces or nephews, mothers- or fathers-in-law, sisters- or brothers-in-law et…
47 questions
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