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Did I screw up when allowing my 12-year-old to invite only one twin to her party?

In my opinion, by twelve it should be up to the children to work this out, and the parents should not involve themselves directly - they should help their children navigate these things if they need ...
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How to deal with 2 years old climbing the cot and refuse to sleep?

If they can't sleep safely in a cot, then they can't sleep in a cot. Get them real beds. For a few nights when they go to sleep, lights out everywhere, so they don't think they are missing out on ...
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How to deal with a fraternal twins "competition" issue?

It is in our nature to be jealous. I noticed similar problems with my kiddos. However, I then noticed how I "congratulated" them and such, and realized I was creating the jealousy. I've since switched ...
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23 month old twins disturbing each other at bed time

My twins are always figuring out new ways to mess with each other. They're 29 months. Bedtime has always been hard. Whenever you change your strategy you should give it a week, 4 days minimum to see ...
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Did I screw up when allowing my 12-year-old to invite only one twin to her party?

Joe's answer says pretty much it all, but still I'd like to add a note you may find useful: From the starting point that these conflicts should be let to the children to solve (not just because they ...
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Did I screw up when allowing my 12-year-old to invite only one twin to her party?

In this instance, at 12 years old, there is no difference between twins and other siblings of similar age. I will assume all other parents who had only one sibling who was invited, and one sibling of ...
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How to make twin toddlers stop biting each other without physical punishment?

LINK WebMD LINK I liked what both these sites had to say. I'd try re-direction and a firm 'NO, we do not bite. It hurts." Then I would also try to make up a picture symbol board that allows your ...
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How to teach 7 month old twins naps after lunch?

Maybe this seems odd, but at 7 months you just put them in a room (or separate rooms for twins) close the door and they will fall asleep eventually. If your wife is actively calming them down then ...
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How to deal with a fraternal twins "competition" issue?

LMAO, my Mother actually encouraged my twin brother and I to compete against eachother. It started as toddlers with the bathtub and a stopwatch. Who could finish first (no shortcuts)? It turned it ...
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How to make our 18-month-old twins stop biting?

First, try to figure out the feelings going on that are resulting in aggressive behavior. Work on resolving that and you will go a long way to solving the issue of biting. Second, when you're in the ...
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How to make our 18-month-old twins stop biting?

Well, we've tried something new: When they're about to bite, we tell them to stop and to make a kiss instead. It seems to work pretty well, we'll see how this goes.
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My toddler has a kind of facial spasm/seizure - how to find out more about it? can I be prepared to record this if it happens again? How about a dashcam? These are designed to record continuously but only keep the last few minutes before a button was pressed or a shock ...
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How do I make sure I don't mix up identical twin newborns?

I have triplets, two of which are identical. It is incredibly unlikely that it will be impossible to tell them apart. If they share a placenta it is likely that they will be born with different ...
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