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17 year old boy being out of control

This is a tough situation for a sister to control her brother, especially when father is not there. According to your situation, I found that your brother is behaving like this only because of lack of ...
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My teen wets the bed. He is in diapers just at night but he says it’s hard to sleep because "the diaper feels weird”

Since the question is asking specifically for a diaper option and not some form of cognitive-behavioral treatment... The brand I would recommend is North Shore diapers <>. They are ...
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17 year old boy being out of control

You sound like an incredible sister, loving and insightful. What a tough situation. The best thing you could do for him is to deepen your relationship, just as you said, with love and minus judgement....
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Advanced Placement and Honors classes

Your daughter is in high school, so the correct answer is that she should do what she wants to do, with some guidance from you. "Let" is definitely the wrong word here! She's old enough to ...
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