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Not sure diaper is a good idea. It can hurt his self esteem, making him feel helpless. Unless this is some known medical condition and doctor advised to use a diaper, I'd have him just sleep normally, and if he wakes up wet during the night, help him change sheets, and get back to sleep on clean sheets again. This way he should feel both more comfortable, ...


Bed Wetting for teens is not uncommon. Other than diapers a good option is to monitor water consumption and urination before bed. And a mid-night alarm to get up and urinate would help getting rid of this.


Don't panic. It may or may not be an issue. The most important thing is to establish a strong relationship with your son. Being his mother will help because the subject is less confronting when it is the parent of the opposite sex talking. Given he is a teen, it can be a confusing time and may just be a phase on the way to working out where on the range ...

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