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I've given driving lessons to my grandkids in completely empty parking lots. When they first get behind the wheel, any practice helps develop their skills. Perhaps after they can navigate a parking lot competently, you might find a little-populated street and highway to practice on.


Pay for driving lessons. Over here across the Tasman in Australia, it's entirely possible to hire professional driving instructors that have cars that have been modified with a second set of pedals, to allow the instructor to hit the brakes in an emergency. I would not be at all surprised if similar services were available in New Zealand. You'd just book an ...


Driving in a city can be stressful. There are a lot of things to consider and watch and avoid and that doesn't account for navigation. I would suggest trying to build skills without as much risk and take it in steps. Take them to a deserted parking lot for super basics. Take them out of the city for basic road skills. Have them drive a short route that they ...


This is your child. Got it. But maybe it is also your car, as in you paid for it, but if you acquired it while married, it's also her's. If, however, you acquired it before you got married, you can consider it yours, with sharing privileges, especially if you pay for the insurance, maintenance, etc. If that's the case, if you want to risk the conflict, it's ...

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