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How to make my 16-year-old stop biting?

As you have not provided much info, this answer is somewhat based on conjecture. It sounds as if your child is neuroatypical. Whatever the condition, he does not like the feeling he experiences (...
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Is a Special Ed teacher allowed to tell regular teachers to instruct their students (6th graders) not to hug a child anymore?

This sounds very strange, so strange in fact that I think there might be some kind of misunderstanding involved. I think the only sensible thing to do is to ask for a meeting with her and confront ...
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What Can I do to get An Adult Child with Special Needs to Start eating and Drinking Again?

I hope someone can give you a better answer than mine. I assume you've tried the usual: tempting him with his favorite foods/drinks? The fact that he's deaf and blind without other neurological ...
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Bike rear seat for > 22kg special needs child

If your child is able to, I'd suggest a "third wheel" style, where you attach a second full seat and a third wheel behind your bike with a pedal and everything. "Trail-a-bike" is ...
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What do I tell my child about her Asperger autism?

The first important thing is obviously to move the tone of the conversation from "What is wrong with me?" to "In what ways am I different from neurotypical people?". The latter ...
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Bike rear seat for > 22kg special needs child

Buggys for larger children exist, some of these can be used as bike trailers - this is an example, I don't know the product and can't say anything positive or negative about it. The page might give ...
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How to make my 16-year-old stop biting?

"all he can think of" do what? It might help if you could assist him in focusing on what he wants to happen (I would assume he doesn't want to be touched). Ask him how he feels when he is ...
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How to help child with autism (Asperger's) through, and prevent meltdowns

Sounds like my son. Still can't swallow pills. Thankfully from my own breakdowns, I have experience with the right medication. Half a lorazepam tablet quickly disolves on the toungue. Within 30 ...
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Should I start learning Braille now in preparation for teaching my blind baby how to read someday?

This is not an authoritative answer, by any means, but I'd guess that, especially for kids' books, you would have the lines of Braille right under the lines of visual text, so you could read it aloud ...
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