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How do I get a 2-year-old to calm down at night to go to bed by 8:30 or 9pm?

That age can be tough. Both of our boys went through similar issues around two - they had a lot harder time going to sleep, went to sleep later, and were very hard to soothe. Some of it is, ...
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What exactly constitutes shaking?

Shaken baby syndrome is, when oversimplified, a severe concussion with significantly increased effects on a baby. Just to be clear, there are more concerns than the brain injury, but your question ...
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How to help a 6-month-old who won't soothe in the crib?

I'll weigh in here and risk sounding like a terrible person. We had a very similar experience with our second, except maybe worse. We got some good sleep out of him for the first couple weeks of his ...
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