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I'm very sorry for your situation and for the victims of your "Uncle". I don't think you can be 100% safe without extreme measures such as moving far away or cutting off all contact with your wife's family. And since there seems to be no proof of Uncle's crimes, if things came to a head with a divorce [which as I understood you don't want to happen ...


I sympathise with you. Our 1-year-old managed to slip out of her 5-point harness somehow the other week. There are after market products designed to prevent children from tampering with the mechanisms of various seat designs, but they are controversial and I personally would not buy them for the following reasons: They almost certainly have not been ...


I know I am replying to this after 4 years but given the child's immense patience, chess might be a good activity.


I don't see any number associated with a threshold to movement that is good for kids but in general, any motion humane enough with infant joints being supported ensuring the impact is not scary for the kids should be okay. To & fro Motions shouldn't be for too long (~5 minutes at a time) and must be in constant frequency. Such movements must be done only ...

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