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I like the general idea of the approach, but not some of the specifics. For example, for every tantrum she throws minus 20c Please don't charge your child for showing emotion, even if she does it to manipulate. The stakes are just too high (potential for it to be a traumatizing lesson), and while you may be good at telling insincere tantrums from sincere ...


What we did was a combination of 1 and 2, at that age. 3 is harder, I think, and I don't really agree with penalizing monetarily for behavior at 4 years old; it's too much out of her control still at that point. But certainly up to you. My kids have an allowance that is based on the formula [amount of money] * [years old] per week. Amount of money is ...


At 4 years old the big thing you want to teach is simply what money is for and how to use it. Let her experience: Having money, including knowing how much. The idea that money comes in coins and notes of different denominations is likely to be news to her. If she has seen you hand over a single bank note and get a load of change she probably thinks you were ...


10 is definitely old enough to be doing odd jobs. Any elderly neighbors that need help with things like household chores?


Since you have access to a 3d printer, you could try working with him to design (physically, on paper, or software, whichever he would be most confortable with) to design relevant items, maybe Christmas decorations, local sports team emblems, small toys/statues, etc.

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