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What advice should I give to a teenage girl who often has lice when she goes to her father's place?

Your daughter as a girl in the age bracket between 8-14 belongs to the group that statistically has the highest risk of catching head lice. If we ignore for a moment the “yuck” factor and the itching,...
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Son has roughly 20 lice. Could he got them just yesterday?

It's fairly unlikely that your son would have gotten that many head lice from one play session. Head lice normally transfer from hair to hair contact, which tends to be fleeting enough that the ...
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Combing head lice from very curly frizzy hair

I do head lice removal for a living. The best is washing the hair with warm water the shampoo and conditioner. Then I would use a lice comb but make sure to keep adding heavy amount of conditioner so ...
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