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Toddler Being Mean to Baby

We struggled with this too. I don't think we found a perfect solution, and eight years later still have some issues of this nature; but what did seem to help was focusing on the feelings. By this I ...
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What to do with a 20 month (1.5 years) old baby who wants her mother to hold her all the time?

I don't see that pregnancy can make a baby jealous like this. I'm not an expert, but children do become clingy for many reasons or for none at all. My only suggestion is starting small: tell her you ...
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My 11 year old step daughter is making troubling comments about my newborn twin daughters, her half sisters

That is indeed very concerning behavior and should be dealt with It's probably (and hopefully) an attempt for her get attention. If she doesn't get, she may turn it up until she gets it and the last ...
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How to have quality time with my god daughter without her father getting jealous?

Talk to the husband. You might talk to your friend first to see how she feels about you talking to her husband. She may even suggest a three-way conversation. It's his daughter now. And it's his ...
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How to have quality time with my god daughter without her father getting jealous?

I get the impression he felt slightly replaced. Were you told this explicitly? If not, then probably it isn't as much of an issue as you think and a quiet word with your friend is appropriate (if it ...
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Toddler Being Mean to Baby

This is the OP. After using some of the advice from the other answers as well as some of our own techniques, I want to share how things turned out. He is now much nicer to his younger brother. He no ...
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How to have quality time with my god daughter without her father getting jealous?

This may be a difficult situation to manage, but it will help if you take opportunities to mention the father to the girl, and make it clear to her that her father's desires for her take precedence ...
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How to deal with jealous and stubborn twin girls?

Sounds to me that you have two kids that are two years old going on twenty months. And what I mean by that is that it sounds like they are getting an early start on the "Terrible Twos". It's a ...
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12 year old grandson hitting 7 year old sister

This sounds like something a behavioural interventionist or therapist should be handling directly since this is pretty extreme behaviour. This is definitely beyond the scope of the average person, so ...
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