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My baby too used to cry when he passes urine and stops very soon and sleeps again . Sometimes he also cries or smiles in sleep and stops once he hears our sound.If he is truly hungry he cries until he is fed.So I think you no need to wake him up again.


Gradual weaning makes a lot of sense for things like reducing the number of nursing or bottle feedings per day, but for this, maybe more of a cold turkey approach would give you quicker results. If you do decide to speed things up, it would probably be good to choose some days when you are well rested and will have a few days of low stress (work, etc.). ...


The best solution I can imagine for a flight is the original bouncer... your knee. Infants are commonly called "lap children" on flights, and you really have two or three choices: Car seat, in their own seat; not modified in any way In your lap, with your arms holding them In some long flights, you may have a built-in bassinet if you reserve the ...

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