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What to do with a hyperactive/agressive/non-responsive 5 years boy?

I will start by saying I think you need a second opinion. It is definitely not normal for a 5 year old to have such limited understanding of what others are saying, or be unable to use sentences. ...
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How to control and raise a hyperactive brother?

I don't think you want to "control" your hyperactive brother so much as help him harness or re-direct his extra energy into other behaviors. When you start from the premise that something is wrong ...
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How to engage with a 2 year old who wouldn't sit still?

Your son will learn much more if you join him at his level and follow his interests. Maybe he won't learn the Alphabet yet (and 2.5 is really early for that anyway), but he'll learn social and ...
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2.5-year-old hyper at nap and bedtime. He is sleep deprived

We had similar problems with our oldest at around this age. We handled it thusly: Reduced naps and eventually eliminated them by 3. He just didn't need them. The preschool that he went to after 3 ...
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My 18 month daughter wants to leave the apartment all the time

I had similar situation before, my two year old daughter was crying heartily outside in public for hours and telling me she doesn't want to go back home. She can speak some phrases and sentences but ...
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Toddler bouncing off the walls, hardly sleeps

10-11 hours of sleep is on the light end for a 2-ish year old, but it's not that extreme; the National Sleep Foundation recommends 11-14 hours at 2 and 10-13 hours at 3, which is echoed by the ...
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Do kids outgrow distractability? If not, what to do?

He sounds to me like a normal healthy 8 year old boy that is bored by school. Had he been tested academically? My wife had similar issues with our homeschooled 8 yo son recently in math. Then one ...
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2.5-year-old hyper at nap and bedtime. He is sleep deprived

The behaviour you're observing may indicate that your child has been sparked with a lust for life by daycare. This is usually a result of a sudden influx of new activities to learn and experience, ...
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