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Throwing food is a normal stage of development for 1 year olds. If i remember correctly it has to do with the stage of development when they realize their actions have certain outcomes. my tip is not to make a fuss about it, because then they do it more often to get a reaction. Rest assured they won't do it forever.


Use the Kazdin method (Kazdin & Rotella, 2013): Identify the desired (positive) behavior. In your case, it is eating without throwing food. That's what you are trying to increase. Praise the desired behavior. From "Summer Review – Praise", by Alan E. Kazdin, : Be specific – tell the child exactly ...


The good and bad news is that this is something that will almost surely pass on it's own with time. Your son is using throwing food on the floor as a way to initiate the "are you done?" interaction with you. This may be because he believes it's the right or best way to communicate this (it's been working for him so far) or because even though he ...


Offer your child a variety of food, mostly healthy. Do not limit the amount of healthy food. Restrictive feeding of children by parents is associated with eating in the absence of hunger (inability to self-regulate), a known risk factor for obesity (Johnson & Birch, 1994, Birch et al., 2003). Keep track of where your child is on the growth curve in terms ...

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