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Our daughter vomited several times per week until she was around 5, even being primarily fed through a tube in her stomach. I know it's frustrating, but mostly you've just got to keep doing what you're doing. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. Look out for her triggers, be creative, and be patient. Try not to judge her against typical ...


Being a (first?) newborn's parent is full of stress and anxieties. I had delivered about a hundred babies and cared for even more than that by the time I had my first, and was confident that I would know enough about babies not to be stressed. I advised new mothers on a regular basis, after all. Ha! At about the two week mark, I broke down uncontrollably ...


There's definitely a medical advice aspect to this that I can't address other than to suggest you talk to her doctors about adding feeding therapy as well as general OT. On the non-medical side of things, you can encourage her to desensitize in the natural way that most babies do- putting things in her mouth herself so it is done to her comfort level. ...


It seems like a change of environment, kids' diet and habits are impacted by surrounding. It could be temperature, number of people, other food options, noise, or lights. You need to simulate his actions and find out what he might like to eat otherwise. It should be his sleep due to a change in bed too that can impact his diet. Hope this helps.

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