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How much crying is OK for a newborn child?

Before I give you my advice as a mother of 6 and grandmother to boot, I just want you to realize that you were given instincts as parents and to make sure to follow them. :) Newborn babies are ...
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Why colics in newborns have a tendency to occur at the end of the day

I know this is an unsatisfying answer, but as far as I can find, no one really knows for sure what causes nighttime crying spells. This tendency of small babies to cry for extended periods at the ...
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How much crying is OK for a newborn child?

With my firstborn, he never slept for more than two ours at a time, and cried for pretty much all the time he was awake, until he was seven months old. We tried everything we could think of, nothing ...
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Colic has worsened while traveling

Before you follow any advice you find here or elsewhere on the web, you really should call your pediatrician, who is the expert you pay for helping in these types of situations. If you are a new ...
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