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Do cloth diapers actually decrease how long a child stays in diapers?

As a mother of three (for 20 years) and daycare provider for over 10 years here is the best way that I can answer this, and any other potty training/diaper question. Potty training has NOTHING to do ...
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Is it wrong to wash cloth diapers in a shared washing machine?

I would be most concerned about the added duration or use that your neighbors may not appreciate. For my routine I have to pre-wash which takes about 1:10 in my machine, followed by a heavy wash ...
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Baby girl won't pee in cloth diapers

The root cause may be that the baby is more sensitive to wet diapers, and therefore holds back. Cloth diapers generally feel more wet than disposables from the same amount of fluid; disposables are ...
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Washing Cloth diapers

We have gone through two girls using cloth nappies (diapers). Our current procedure is basically: Rinse used nappies by hand as necessary to get most of the poo off Toss them in a bucket, which may ...
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What qualities should be looked in cloth diapers?

When I bought ours, I bought them lightly used (don't judge. =]). That means I tried a few brands. The ones I likeds best are the one size fits all. Our boy just turned one and we have been using ...
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How to re waterproof cloth diapers?

I don't think you can; it's a problem with all-in-one washable nappies. We used a system with a separate water-proof cover and an absorbent towel inner. The outers needed replacing after a few months,...
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Washing Cloth diapers

We used cloth diapers and continue to. They seem to be better for the child and help with faster potty training, and fewer "rash" type incidents. So on that front, my opinion is that they are worth it....
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Washing Cloth diapers

My son was a cloth diaper baby and we used a coin operated washer at the time. My process was similar to @greg-hewgill answer (above). I removed solids by placing the diaper in the commode, securely ...
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leaking cloth diaper while in Ergo Baby

It would be nice to know where the leak is coming from, like from all areas or mostly leg or back. It's hard when small & poop is very liquid to prevent all leaks, certain folding techniques also ...
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Are modern cloth diapers really cost efficient compared to disposible diapers?

there are some good and also some wildly crazy answers on here. A realistic idea of the costs, accounting for detergent and energy costs is provided by eLeMeNO-Pee on their site at http://www....
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Should I rinse cloth wipes once baby starts solids?

Solid-poop diapers should have the solids eliminated before washing. You can use disposable liners (we have some bamboo fiber ones that are biodegradable), a little hose that attaches to the toilet, ...
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