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As Ian MacDonald said in the comments, your grandson should be disciplined. He needs to understand that hitting people is wrong (except in self defence). Having your granddaughter learn some karate is not the answer for the following reasons: She is physically weaker and less coordinated than your grandson. There is no realistic prospect of her being able ...


We can't (as in you can't, and the rest of us certainly can't) know what's really going on in your son's head. The best possible explanation would be that he feels so loved and secure in himself that he can easily see the wrongdoings of others as reflective of their qualities, and not his. In which case I'll say, wow, that's a child that really knows he's ...


The bullying of kids to other kinds is so common. It could destroy the personality and mental health of your child. He will loose the self confidence. Take every possible action to stop it. Train your child to complain to teacher about those kids. Or you can change the day care centre of your kid. Thanks,


You should not punish your son since punishment comes in the last. It's the last option. If you punish him he could be a rebel one day. Ask him not to do such things again, ask him gently and talk to the boy's parents who bully your son. Thanks,


If your stepson had done this, while also being the one doing the bullying, I would've suggested that perhaps what he needs is for someone to lay off the punishing, and just focus on making him feel safe, and try to hone in on what's really going on that's causing this behavior, as punishment will often just launch a mutually detrimental power struggle. Now ...


Well you should be concerned because child bullying at young ages can lead to antisocial personality disorder and many other.He can grow up believing that being bullied is something ok and if he is bullied again , he wont do anything for it, he may not inform you for being bullied. The reason your kid doesnt care much about it could be: 1)He hasnt ...

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