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Will "positive parenting" techniques work with my children?

In France (and I suspect also elsewhere in Europe) there is a debate about the benefits of positive parenting, with hundreds of psychologists pushing back against blind positivity. Their reasoning is ...
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How to stop a (seven-year-old) child from constantly making silly, nonsensical noises and actions?

I know this question is old but reading your question I thought about myself and daughter right away. I was this way when I was young and my daughter also does this. We are both on the spectrum and ...
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Will "positive parenting" techniques work with my children?

Absolutely, positive parenting techniques can be highly effective, especially with strong-willed children like yours. Here are some tips and resources that may be helpful for you: Stay Calm and ...
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Activities besides tv

I won't speak to UK weather. Let's just assume it's 100% earthquakes and hurricanes. (it's not, and it's ok for kids to get wet, but whatever hurricanes and earthquakes it is) First, lets talk about ...
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How to make sure kids prioritize keeping in contact when away

This is absolutely normal. Most children live in the moment and enjoy their holiday without thinking of anything else. On their return, they may tell you they missed you every day - which they may ...
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