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Age specific questions from about 3 years to about 5 years. Younger: toddler. Older: primary-schooler.

1 vote

How do I figure out why my child no longer likes preschool?

Just from my experience: My daughter started disliking her creche at 3 when one of the caretakers told her off for not sleeping. She never forgave the woman and eventually it got so bad that we had t …
  • 5,503
4 votes

My son sleeps too much

How well does he sleep? My boy had sleep apnea so, even though he got a lot of sleep, he was always tired and would often lie down on the floor. His was caused by excessively large tonsils and adenoid …
  • 5,503
4 votes

Is it worth sending a kid to a Montessori school?

My experience with Montessori schools is all second hand. I have one friend whose kid was not doing well in a traditional school but thrived in a Montessori school. I know another person who started t …
  • 5,503
0 votes

How to decide between two daycare institutions after interleaving them?

My son (3.75yo) interleaves a kindergarten and a early learning centre (KEKEK). We have done this by choice: the kindergarten has local kids who are likely to follow him into school next year, the ELC …
  • 5,503
1 vote

5 year old always yells when excited, and isn't learning when to use quieter voices

Have you had her hearing tested? We thought our lad's hearing was good since he'd hear what was said across a room, even if was not directed to him, and contribute to the conversation - indicating t …
  • 5,503
3 votes

My 4 year old daughter has suddenly changed her speech

It might be worth getting her hearing checked, a sudden change might indicate a change in the feed-back loop between what she says and what she hears. At age 4, my son's adenoids closed off his Eusta …
  • 5,503
10 votes

4 year old afraid of swimming

Have you tried teaching her swimming yourself? With both of my kids, we'd go to the pool a fair bit and swim together to get them used to water, basic dog paddle, putting their heads underwater, etc. …
  • 5,503
5 votes

Should I expose them to cartoons of the past?

As with any TV show, you should pick and choose. In my opinion, modern cartoons like "Jane and the Dragon" and "Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks" offer a lot more than Bugs Bunny. My 4-year old …
  • 5,503
6 votes

What do we do if our children don't like the nanny?

I'd suggest you spend some time and see how they interact. Your 4yo may have a point. We had a number of nannies for our son over an 18 month period. Some were great and really loved kids and totally …
  • 5,503
8 votes

Is it normal for a five year-old to be put in detention repeatedly for not being able to sit...

There are any number of conditions that might describe your granddaughter's behaviour but none that would be helped by the school's actions. It is seems quite common for children to have low level is …
  • 5,503
3 votes

What is the right age to put the toddler to (pre-)school?

There are differing opinions. This is a NYTimes article ("When Should a Kid Start Kindergarten?") that appeared in 2007 advocating that children delay starting school as the academic benefits continue …
  • 5,503
6 votes

Suggestions for a 5 year old who can't sit still in her chair?

She may be sensory seeking. Some kids (my 5yo son) need sensory feedback in order to calm themselves down. If so, the answer is probably to address the sensory needs rather than constrain or negotiate …
  • 5,503
2 votes

Is it normal for a 3-year-old to always lay down when playing?

My son still does this occasionally (he's nearly 6). He is a very sensory child and we have been address this (described here) for the past year. If your grandson is craving sensory input, they it is …
  • 5,503
0 votes

Is it normal for a 3.5-year-old child to get sick every month?

Our son was always getting sick with monotonous regularity (way different to our daughter who was virtually never ill). Obviously, every time we'd take him to the doctor he'd have a cold or infection. …
  • 5,503
4 votes

How should we prepare for a parent-teacher consultation in preschool?

At the age of 3, I would have thought the things of most interest would be: The child's social skills. At 3yo, many children still do side-by-side rather than interactive playing The child's verbal …
  • 5,503