My 6 month old grandson has no feeding/ sleep schedule.  he was born 3 weeks early.  5 lbs.  My daughter in law , Liz is breastfeeding.  The Dr. told her to feed as often as possible to get his weight up. He is now 14 lbs.  healthy perfect no problems.  I think the problem is that he only nurses for a couple minutes each feeding  so eats whenever he whimpers.  a tiny bit a a time,  every 30 minutes or so so he never really gets full,  never is really hungry enough to eat a whole meal.  Even all night long he is up every hour.  Mom is exhausted and gets up to feed him every time he stirs .  She thinks he still needs to eat every few minutes.  At 6 months old.  i am worried about my son and daughter in law.  they are getting no rest.  Still.  She has the baby sleeping in her room so she can get to him easliy every hour! She has no idea how to get him to aeat more each time, so less frequently.  her Dr. told them to look up ideas in books!?  How can they break this exhausting habit and get back to some kind of sane sleep pattern for them all?