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This had poor grammar and a LOT of TMI, but I think with this edit, and maybe some further edits, it can be a valuable contribution and rare offering.

Well I'm glad that he told you.

I wish I had taken the same action as him.

Since I was 13 years old I was attracted to kids my age and younger, all boys.

I knew I was gay, but as I got older and still felt an attraction to younger kids, I saw it was a problem. I never told anyone about it for fear to be rejected and the way people think about you scared me, so I hold my biggest depression secret. When I was 13 years old I found a lot of child pornography to download some I wish I never have watched, well I kept watching and download till 21 years old when finally the FBI got me.

I'm really glad that your son told you about what he feels. A lot of people don't tell their parents because they worry about being judged by others.

He is 15 so is still a good time to find a therapist to help him, look for a therapist that works with sexual offenders (that's what they call me but I hate this word. Why? Well no one helped me to fix my problem, then they call you that and put you in jail and the worst part is your name I'll be always dirty.)

If I was your son's age and my mom knew about my problem I would like my mom to be open and understand. So just be patient with him and don't judge and remember that he told you something that is really hard to tell anyone.

Make sure that he is not downloading child pornography / accessing any place that he can get images / videos of children.

Child pornography will not help, just make the feeling worse and if you want to change have to commit yourself to not go to the "edge" where you'll be tempted.

Some things that you need to know of:

  • depression
  • no friends
  • fear to go to public places
  • thinking of suicide

That is what I felt most of my 13 to 18 years old life.

Well so be aware of that and help him out, just make sure that you are open to help him because this path is not easy but he still young so maybe tell him some stuff that I talked about here, so he can be aware of it too.