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Should I limit the amount my toddler eats?

My 18-month old has a large appetite. If she likes what she's eating, she'll just keep eating, and she isn't picky. Sometimes she polishes off nearly as much as me in a sitting. Her daycare tells us ...
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9 year old growth spurt but never hungry

The sedentarism imposed by COVID-19 restrictions has reduced (a lot) my nine-year-old's physical activity. That explains, to me, why his appetite has been reduced a lot over the last few months. ...
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Our infant drinks almost no breastmilk anymore and gains no weight. What can we do? [closed]

My 4-month-old kid is not drinking breastmilk nowadays. My wife always goes with breastfeeding only. Until now we didn't give bottle. Even with lots of difficulty some time baby used to drink for 5 ...
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How do I talk to my teen daughter about her weight? [duplicate]

Over the past two years 17 year old daughter has gained about 60-70 lbs. Growing up she was always a healthy weight, however, by the end of her Junior year of high school she had visibly gained quite ...
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How do I help my college age daughter who has gained too much weight at college?

My daughter is now a sophomore in college and I am very concerned about her weight. Prior to starting college, she had always been a healthy weight and athletic and loved playing sports. By the end ...
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How to increase my 2-year-old son boy weight?

My 2-year-old son has is weighing 10KG. When he was six months old his weight was 10KG. After a year and a half, he is still 10KG. As a parent, we are giving him healthy food which contains more ...
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How to talk to a teen daughter about her weight

My daughter is 16 and is gaining weight. My wife and I are on board with what needs to be done - and there's a lot to do. But as to talking to her about her weight, we are at a loss. She's an ultra ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to weigh a newborn at home?

Is there a reasonably accurate, field-expedient way to weigh a newborn at home? I don't need the kind of plus-or-minus a few grams accuracy they get at the hospital because I only plan to check every ...
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6.5 month old weight growth stalled

She has been gaining roughly only 1 oz per week for the last 5 weeks. And obviously dropping in the percentile chart. Her total intake of milk (expressed breast milk in bottle) is about 20 oz per 24 ...
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Will a road trip (travel) make an infant weaker and more prone to illness?

Our family hasn't been on any long vacations in over a year (mostly because my wife became pregnant with our third last year). Now I am trying to convince my wife to go on one which entails a 7 hour ...
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What are some good food options for a one year-old?

My child is about 12 months old. He has been weaned from breastfeeding. As of right now, his weight is normal, but he will need to gain more weight eventually. Can I feed him milk, Boost or Horlicks? ...
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3 answers

What to do when our 2-week-old baby sleeps little and cries a lot?

Two weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our 3.7 kg, 55 cm son. His weight dropped to 3.4 kg after the first day, because we did not feed him enough from breastfeeding. Fortunately, he gained back his ...
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3 answers

3 months old not gaining weight well from exclusive breastfeeding

my LO is now 86 days old and has been exclusively breastfed. He just had his check up today and now measures as follows: height: 59cm. 57.5cm two weeks ago. weight: 5.15 kg (with clothing on, suppose ...
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How to get my 14 month old toddler who has a lot of food allergies to gain weight?

My 14 month old son is allergic to milk, eggs, fish, sunflower oil, and sunflower seeds. He also suffers from acid reflux, and our pediatrician advised us that he needs to gain weight. He only weights ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is the best milk fat content for a toddler aged 2?

I've read contradicting claims about whether you can give skim milk for toddlers over 2, or just low-fat. In fact, my daughter is two and a half and only 12 kg, so our goal would be to gain weight, ...
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How to make my 32-month-old regain his interest in eating when he starts to lose weight?

My kid is 2 years and 8 months old. From last 2 weeks he has totally lost his interest in eating. In a day he hardly eats anything, for example 3-4 strawberries, few nuts and just a bite from some ...
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Baby weight after 1st month

My baby boy was 3.780 kg (8.33 pounds) when he was born, and now after a month my wife and I We took him at pediatrician to weigh him and check is everything is ok. So He is 5.500 (12.12 pounds) now, ...
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Should my 13-month-old's tummy be this fat?

My daughter's tummy seems strangely fat. I know babies are chubby and they usually grow out of this, but it seems oddly distended. Looking at her standing up in profile, her tummy sticks out about ...
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When should you worry about a toddler's loss of appetite and weight?

My 2 year-old seems to have lost her appetite in the last 3 to 4 weeks: she eats very little at meal times (couple of mouthfuls) and definitely much less than she used to. She does not seem to be ill, ...
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Is it normal for an infant's weight to fluctuate?

Is it normal for an infants weight to fluctuate throughout the day or to not increase from one day to another? I have a feeling it is, fluctuation happen and average weight gain per day is an average, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I help my 6-year old cousin eat healthier?

My cousin is 6 years old and actualy really heavy. Now he weighs about 29kg (64 lbs) which concerns me a lot. He has an average height for his age. The problem is that the child eats way too much ...
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What are the best cloth diapers for a large baby?

My son is 5 months old and at 21 pounds, barely fits in 13"x 20" prefolds that claim to go up to 28 pounds. The next and only size up for prefolds is 16.5"x 21". They claim to hold babies up to 40 ...
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How do we get our toddler to gain weight?

Our toddler isn't gaining weight, and our doctor told us to fix it. We stopped breastfeeding and she gained a kilo in just two weeks, but since then (soon two months) she hasn't gained anything again, ...
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