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Equity and budget for school [closed]

I have two children who are or will be studying soon (university). One of them will study a high-cost, high-outcome subject, while the other is not interested in going very far. I have a budget for ...
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Should I financially assist my child in paying for college? [closed]

In Short I’m wondering if there is any research to support the idea that paying for a child to attend college leads to a more desirable outcome than allowing them to pay their own way (either via ...
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How to make my 18-year-old son get a job while in college?

My 18-year-old son has just entered college as a freshman. He has a workstudy as part of his scholarship and he has been hesitant following up on job leads. Beyond baby sitting a few kids in our ...
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Effect of homeschool on college chances?

I am the child not the parent - but it is still extremely relevant to my parents. My parents want to really think through what's the best option for my future. Me and my parents are considering home-...
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