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Does (too much) baby carrying make the stroller less attractive for a baby?

Our newborn child is 2 weeks old and we have taken him out in the stroller a couple of times already. Unsurprisingly, he seems a lot more comfortable and less fidgety when carried in a skin to skin ...
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Is giving child ride considered spoiling? [closed]

My sister lives 15-20min walk from her school but my mom gives her a ride in the car every morning. Is this considered spoiling the child or no. In my opinion it is because I think it's a perfectly ...
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Is it safe to use a baby carrier worn on the back to carry an 11-month-old?

My baby is 11 months old. His weight is 9.5kg. Is it safe to use a baby carrier worn on the back to carry him?
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Baby Bjorn and heat rashes

Has anybody else had any trouble using the baby bjorn in regards to heat rashes? Both myself and my little one are appropriately dressed for the weather, but when I put him into the carrier facing me, ...
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Is it okay for a baby's head to be vertical in a baby carrier?

We are thinking about getting a baby carrier. Our child is one month old. All of the carriers require his neck to be vertical, though the head is protected from moving side to side. The grandparents ...
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Safe ways to support slumping 14-month-old in bike trailer?

I have a small-for-his-age 14-month-old who loves the bike trailer and sleeps blissfully in it, or just watches the scenery. So long as I'm pushing it like a pram, and he has no helmet on. When the ...
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Which is better - a Minivan or a SUV - for a 4 kid family

We have 3 kids and are currently managing fitting them in an Accord (Mom) and a Civic (Dad). The civic is tight but most of the time it's one parent with the kids in that one. We recently found out ...
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How long can a newborn (2 week old) sit in a carry me

We have a Mutsy Carry Me and although it says it is for newborns we are not sure what is the safe duration/time limit for carrying them around. Is there any specific guidelines as to this?
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Using and not using a car seat for transporting between car and building, how do I get a infant from the car to a building when it's freezing outside?

My son was born in December and is now about a year old and was born during a pretty heavy snow/cold spell. We bought a huge snow suit for him to take him home from the hospital but we couldn't get my ...
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What are lightweight/mobile options for safely transporting an 11-month-old in a car?

We have an 11-month-old child. She's reaching the upper limit of a baby car-seat. We rely on taxis for transportation. This means that when we go somewhere, we have to take the car-seat with us - we ...
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Travelling with three little ones without a car

My wife and I have two children - a three-year-old and a 20-month old, and are expecting a third one soon. Neither of us drive and we have never owned a car. We rely much on public transport. We are ...
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What is a baby sling and what advantage does it have?

Many questions on this site reference baby slings, but none of them really explain what they are or what the benefits of using one are (as say, compared with other carriers like the Baby Bjorn). When ...
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