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Questions tagged [transition]

A change or shift from one activity or habit to another, e.g., going home from the playground, change from co-sleeping to sleeping alone.

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25 votes
9 answers

How to help a child accept when an activity is over

My five-year-old really struggles with moving from one activity task to another. For example, we tell him we will only do a certain activity for x amount of time and then be done. It doesn't matter ...
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15 answers

My daughter just turned 13 and confides in me she wants to be a boy [duplicate]

Last week my daughter turned 13. The following day my mom left with my daughter to go babysit my 12 year old niece while her parents are out of town. I didn't see my daughter again until Saturday but ...
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16 votes
10 answers

When should I transition a 2 year old toddler from the cot to a bed?

My son turned 2 today, and we have been considering for a long time to transition him to a bed. Specially since he already sleeps in a bed at the daycare. I am afraid that he will not want to stay in ...
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How do I join a well established community (a family with my GF and her two kids actually)?

My GF has two kids, she lives in a big suburb, a little bit out of nowhere in the country side and I used to live in a global city. I moved to get closer to her, hence now I'm living with her and the ...
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3 answers

When should my child transition from tricycle to a bicycle?

I know that every child is different and each advance at their own age. So the question is not "How old" but what should I be looking for in behaviour, maturity, coordination, and physical control to ...
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10 votes
5 answers

What is the best way to transition away from co-sleeping?

We are co-sleeping with our son. At some point in the future, we will need to transition him out of our bed. What is the best way to do this? Cold turkey vs. gradual? Specific age vs. signs he's ready ...
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6 votes
3 answers

What's an effective way to deal with toddler transition tantrums ("I don't want to stop yet?")

This isn't a question about what general incentives or methods of discipline work best. I'm looking for techniques specific to transitions, like when it's time to stop playing and go somewhere, etc. ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Explaining a quick & unforeseen daycare change

Our in-home daycare provider gave us her 2 weeks notice on Wednesday, completely out of the blue. Now that her youngest is a senior in high school, she's found a 9-5 job. To top it off, her holiday ...
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How do I help our 3/yo go through stress

We have a 3 y/o daughter. A few months ago her and I thought it would be best to try and work out our differences by moving into separates homes. Since then my daughter, now 3 who has always been a ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the most gentle way to break an association in a 15 months old?

We are doing a daycare transition currently. My LO is 15 months old next week. I spent all AM and lunch there with her yesterday and today. It's a family based homecare and I've only heard very ...
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3 answers

How should I prepare my son for preschool?

My son has been going to a small, in-home daycare since he was less than a year old. He enjoys it, but currently there are only 3 boys that are about the same age as him (ranging from about 6 months ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How can I "train" my 9-month-old to drink from a feeding bottle?

I have a 9-month-old child. I breastfed him from the very first moment, since we have a 24 weeks maternity leave in my country. The thing is he hates the feeding bottles. I can't leave him with ...
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17 year old son decided he is a girl but previous to coming out has never shown signs of feminine behavior [closed]

My now 18 year old son came out as transgender six months ago. He has never been girly. He is a stinky teenage boy, who does not clean his room, has to be forced to bathe and his voice and manner of ...
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My Daughter Has Claimed to Change Gender, How Do I Address This As a Father [duplicate]

I have a daughter who is in the grips of a social media encouraged self identity crisis. For the past 15 years nothing has ever made me, her mother, or herself double think her gender identity. ...
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My 11 yr old daughter wants to be a boy [duplicate]

My daughter came out as "transgender" to me and my husband in a family therapy session. I don't want to call her by her "preferred pronouns" of he/him because if it's a phase i'll be making a fool of ...
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